A Letter From Couth

E Komo Mai. Couth is defined as being cultured, refined, and well-mannered. Sophisticated. Smooth. It's a word my mother, Janet, would teach my brothers and I. Growing up, she wanted us to completely emulate this word. She aspired for us to accomplish anything we set our mind to. She encouraged us to think of ways we could make the world a better place, and she encouraged us to use our couth to bring out the best in each other. My mother passed from cancer in March of 2020, and this brand is in honor of her.


Here at Couth, we aim to provide you with quality streetwear garments that can be worn by any gender. We are a lifestyle brand. Our designs showcase creativity from a place of meaning, whose culture strives to inspire, empower, and unify communities; an aesthetic that is uniquely our own. We plan to use our platform to not only change the narrative of fashion, but to also spread the message of positive change. We are more than a brand- we are a platform for the voices unheard.


We push to constantly innovate and improve as we reinvest in our products in the hope of creating tomorrow's timeless classics. We treat each piece as an archive that you may find years later, remembering the message it stood for. We hope you find as much joy in wearing them as we did creating them.

All glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Keep God at the center.


Based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.